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    Product Update: What we worked on in the last few weeks

    In the last few weeks, we have focused on not only the usual, like feature development, but we also created better infrastructure to catch bugs related to OTA’s Here is what we have introduced in the last few weeks Reports: We added two new reports. Reservations Report: You can now search for reservations in various […]

    Product Update: Group confirmation email

    There are times when you want to send one confirmation to the group organizer with all the confirmation details for the guests part of the group. We have now added the ability to do so. Under the Booked By field enter the name that should be getting the email confirmation then under the More menu […]

    New Updates: Reservation Booking Modal, Night Audit & More.

    A few days ago we gave you a sneak peek of our new reservations modal. Now, it is live for everyone. It will take some time to get used to it, as is the case with anything new, but the new layout sets us up better for bringing you future updates. We had been testing […]

    Now Booking.com reservations are retrieved in less than 15 seconds and More.

    We have been hard at work in the last few weeks doing some optimization, feature updates, and the usual bug fixes. We made some adjustments to how we are doing things, added some new features and fixed issues. Booking.com reservation retrieval optimization: We changed how we were getting reservations from Booking.com into Roomsy. This change allowed […]

    Product Updates: We released two new features :)

    This was a long weekend for some of us and for some, it was a regular old weekend. 🙂 We made a small update over the weekend. You can now see the average rate of the reservations, the total pre and post tax in the reservations booking panel. When you are making a reservation this […]

    Roomsy Feature Updates

    First of all, welcome new Roomsy users. We are glad to have you here. We have been heads down working on releasing new updates that you might find useful. We also did the usual bug fixes as they were reported. If you are experiencing any please do let us know via email to support@roomsy.com. So […]

    Group Bookings- Made Easy!

    Now you have another way of making reservations for people travelling together. You can reserve them as a group. Here are some of the highlights of this feature. Leave notes for the entire group. Leave individual notes on each reservation. All reservations booked under a group shown together. Simply add/delete/cancel a reservation under the group. […]